Test your mockups and designs on real people

Five Second Test

As a website owner, you are continually trying to increase conversion rates. You make tweaks to the design and hope it has a positive effect but at the back of your mind is that nagging doubt that your change could have a negative effect and that conversion rates will drop through the floor. We’ve all been there!

“Five second testing” helps to take this risk away. We still recommend you grab a colleague and say “what do you think of this” or show mock-ups to family and friends, but five second testing takes this further. It allows you to test your designs and mock-ups on real people and quickly learn how visitors will interact with your design before launching it. Find out what they think, what they remember and where they make mistakes.

eBay said that this method of testing is “quickly becoming part of our core design process and allows us to test and iterate at warp speed.”

Here’s how it works…. Firstly, you give instructions. It might be “look at this design for 5 seconds” and then answer questions like “did the brand appear trustworthy?”, or “who was the supplier?”. Alternatively it could be “which alternative design do you prefer?” Our team can work with you to create unlimited customisable tests to the correct demographic at a really low cost per tester.  You can specify how many people you want to see your test, or even bring your own testers. You’ll be receiving results in no time, via a straightforward report indicating a breakdown of the interactions each tester had with your design.

Contact our team on 01926 732044 and ask them about how 5 seconds of fun can change your future. You can also ask them about online marketing strategies and other tests you can use to optimise your website!

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