We all know what A/B testing is but how often do you do it?

A/B Testing

Most of our customers have to admit to never doing it – until they meet our enthusiastic team who never stop talking about it! Testing, and in particular A/B testing is a critical part of any online marketing campaign.

A/B testing is a method to validate that any new design, or change to an element on your webpage, is actually improving your conversion rate, before you make that change to your site code (the expensive bit!). Otherwise known as “Multi Variant testing”,  A/B testing allows you to show one set of users the existing version of a form, webpage or even the whole website and then compare the results to a test group who see an evolved design.

A/B testing is often used in association with pay per click marketing as it generates results very quickly. The norm is to drive 50% of the traffic to the control group and the other 50% to the test group. However, it is not unusual to drive 80% of the traffic generated through the control group so as to insure against the test going wrong. Alternatively you can set up many variations (multi variant testing) and compare these results, however this might take longer to get a statistically significant sample size.

All you need to do is identify a goal for your website and then determine which pages to test against. Then let live traffic measure the effect each version has on your conversion rate. It really isn’t as difficult or daunting as it seems. It’s all about planning and process, or as simple as ABC!

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