Do you know how your visitors interact with your website?

Heatmap Analysis

Understanding how you visitors interact with your website is critical to improving their customer journey, and ultimately increasing conversions.

Our simple heatmap analysis captures mouse movements through a single page, form or the whole website and eliminates guesswork with intuitive recordings of real visitor behaviour on your website. This means you can focus on improving your site.

Heatmaps can be used to see if people actually read all your content or whether a call-to-action button is in the right place. They allow you to see if conversions are being lost due to poor form design and how best to eliminate drop-offs. It’s a bit like Big Brother but you can watch visitors’ keystrokes as they interact with your site.

We love heatmap analysis because results can be achieved quickly, so you can start to make some decision about your site sooner rather than later!

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