Why guess, when you can know?!

User Experience Videos

We all have an opinion as to how users navigate through and interact with our website. We all know best! Often though, our views are just that – an opinion and are based on total gut feel and zero facts. Why guess when you can know?! As part of your online marketing campaign, our team videos real people speaking their thoughts using your website, app or prototypes.

Our live usability testing is a real eye opener. We video participants (real people) simply speaking their thoughts as they complete tasks. The tasks are jointly briefed by you and our user experience team and recorded along with their screens and mouse movements into online videos.

These are based specifically on your objectives and include details of panel profile, any screening criteria, linear test instructions and notes of any special instructions for the user experience analysis. You can then fine tune your selection with a range of additional filters such as age, gender and socio-economic status.

Experience has shown that we can test any particular part of your online marketing with five or six participants. You will receive each of the videos to watch at your leisure, but the clever bit is that our team takes the hours of raw material and presents it back to you in bite size chunks. We look for trends or sticking points and then jointly agree an action plan for change. Some changes are obvious and can be implemented immediately. Others can be further tested via A/B analysis.

Call our team on 01926 732044 and ask them how influential live users have been at optimising website design.

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