How do you get to the top of the Search Listings?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) 

When Net Visibility started “doing” SEO in 2003 it was all about being seen on MSN and Yahoo; Google was the new boy on the block! How times change. Google now processes over 3.5 billion searches per day.

There are many myths about what search engine optimisation is. We at Net Visibility see SEO as being right at the heart of an online marketing strategy and define it as simply making your website “Google Friendly”. Google ask webmasters to follow their design and content guidelines, technical guidelines and most importantly quality guidelines.  These are:

  • Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines.
  • Don’t deceive your users.
  • Avoid tricks intended to improve search engine rankings.
  • Think about what makes your website unique, valuable, or engaging. Make your website stand out from others in your field.

In other words your online marketing strategy must include a website that is well designed, architecturally sound and conforms to Google Webmaster Guidelines. Webmasters who spend their energies upholding the spirit of the basic principles will provide a much better user experience and subsequently enjoy better ranking, than those who spend their time looking for loopholes they can exploit.

Our team advises that you build your website for the people who will read it, and do so as if search engines didn’t exist.  Content must be the star of your website and the user experience enhanced with links between each page. You also need to update your website frequently and evolve it to become an online authority.

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