How much content have you written today?

Content Creation

How much content have you written today? We suspect the answer is none! You set out with all the enthusiasm in the world but events have taken over, and the content you promised you would write, has gone to the bottom of the list.

Neither search engine optimisation, nor social media, can survive without a consistent stream of quality content. Without content there is nothing for a search engine to crawl, pick up and index. The result is your website being visited less frequently. Without content, there is nothing valuable for you to share in social media, which means that just like a search engine’s crawlers, your social followers will stop engaging with your updates and eventually stop following you.

In building its search index, all Google asks is that you create a useful, information-rich website and write pages that clearly and accurately describe your offering. Content must be the star of your website and the user experience enhanced with links between each page. Your website must be frequently updated, and evolve to become an online authority containing pages with a good reputation. A good webpage:

  • Is grammatically correct with little keyword repetition
  • Shares an opinion
  • Shares pictures, videos or other media
  • Sells a product or service
  • Posts questions and answers
  • Provides file sharing or downloads
  • Shares objective, personal or social information
  • Links to other relevant pages

The basic principle of SEO used to be that each unique keyword required a unique page of relevant well written content. Adding a relevant meta tag would then result in Google looking at the quality of that and then adding it to an appropriate place in its index. Therefore if you wanted to be seen for 50 unique keywords, then 50 different pages of quality content would need to be identified or created.  This is still widely the case but Google now looks wider than this and wants the whole website to be an online authority, rather than just a single page.

Content generation should also be more than black words on a white background. This ongoing process can include blog or news articles, “how to” guides, white papers, infographics, videos and case studies. Creating valuable content will inspire trust and brand loyalty, and eventually result in a sale.

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