Do your landing pages convert?

Landing Page Creation

An increasing amount of web traffic does NOT enter the website via the homepage. If we ignore direct traffic, this number can be as high as 80%. In other words, a potential customer’s first view of your web presence is via a landing page. According to Google “You’ve got eight seconds to entertain your consumers, to inform them, to somehow reach and touch them.”

The key to a successful landing page is to identify how a user is thinking and based on that you can develop a landing page which speaks directly to their needs, and then guides them through a process that shapes their thinking. The result is a conversion.

At this stage it is critical to state that not all landing pages need to look the same or have the same persona. It is important to identify where the user is in their buying cycle (this is normally reflected in their keyword usage), and then construct a relevant landing page.

Our team will explain how your landing pages must have visual power, the headline must be engaging and convince a user to continue reading.  Then the product specific questions must be answered in the rest of the copy. These can include: Is it good quality? Is it affordable? What does it really do? What do other people think about it? The answers you provide will increase the user’s trust, and ultimately a reason to select your product or service.

Call To Actions (CTAs) are also very important, but unless you can get all of the above items ticked off, your landing page is likely to be only half as powerful as it could be. Make sure you CTAs are in a prominent position and test their location, colour etc. to see which gets the best results.

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