What impact does a new website have on SEO

Website Launch

Need a new website? Have you considered the effect it will have on SEO and therefore your whole digital marketing strategy? Probably not!

Changing your web address or simply launching a new website with different page names can have a massive effect on your SEO rankings, traffic and conversions. The reality is that Google is the world’s leading search engine because it gives its users the most relevant results possible. Therefore through Google Webmaster Tool (now called Search Console), it is possible to tell Google what you have done and alert it to changes to your website and pages.

Firstly, we need to put 301 redirects in place. These tell Google what your old web page addresses were and then what the new ones are. We have a tool for that bit, but the time consuming part is in agreeing where you want the user to be directed to. Consideration must be made for content that is to be retired. Not only will it have been indexed by Google but there is a likelihood it has been bookmarked by previous visitors, and they need to be automatically re-directed to a new location. All of this needs to happen the minute the new website is launched, and not in the days and weeks after.

You then need to ensure you new website has been fully tagged – existing meta and description tags have been moved to the new site. You will lose ranks if your new pages doesn’t have Google compliant tagging.

In addition a new XML sitemap must be present at launch and submitted. This will be verified immediately.

Our team will also check that your Google Analytics is still working and monitor any dips in traffic or conversions. You will have worked hard to launch your new website and our job is to help this process go as smoothly as possible.

Call us now on 01926 732044 and we will clearly explain the migration process and how we can work with you and your designers to ensure that it is as painless as possible.

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