Is your website optimised for desktops, mobiles and tablets?

Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet

Do you know what percentage of your online traffic are desktop users and of your mobile traffic how many using iPhones versus tablet devices? Even if you know the answer to this question, do you actually do anything about it?

Google is getting in on the act (yet again!) and not having a mobile friendly website is starting to have a negative impact on SEO.  Visitors using mobile devices on a non-friendly mobile website will certainly spend less time visiting the site, will be less likely to perform any desirable actions, such as making a purchase or calling a phone number, and will quickly return to their search engine results to try out another website.

Looking at the different areas of mobile and tablet traffic can avoid a lot of wasted traffic. For example testing will show un-clickable pop-ups stopping a website being used on a phone, tiny text links which cannot be selected or elements of the website overlapping each other on a small screen.

At an entry level, you can simply just try picking up different smartphones or tablets and give your website a thorough test; you’d be surprised how many website owners have never tried this out!

After that, our standard conversion optimisation tests such as live video usability, heatmap analysis, wireframe testing and 5 second design testing should all be used for each audience and each device type.

Talk to our team on 01926 732044 about testing your online marketing campaign on the plethora of devices available. It will be worth it!

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