What is Optimised Website Design?

Optimised Design

Optimised design makes is as simple as possible for website visitors to achieve your objectives – whether that is generating sales leads, watching a video or downloading a document.   Whatever your goal, optimised design make the user experience better!

So, what makes Net Visibility good optimised designers?

Not only do we use experienced designers, BUT we also integrate SEO to ensure the site is Google friendly.  However, we also understand that SEO cannot get in the way of design, and on occasion it is better to make design changes which will increase conversions, rather than to try to gain a single ranking position for a particular search phrase.

In some cases it might be relevant to include a call to action on all pages. If somebody wants to contact you quickly, let them. Don’t force the user to go to a contact us page – give them a next step, phone number or a buy now button.

We also use live User Experience tests to assess the design and usability of a page. Only when we have the facts at hand, do we work with web designers and developers to make the page work harder. Then we test the new look page via A/B testing to see whether the change is actually having the desired effect. Depending on the outcome, we can continue to tweak and fine tune until we have a fully optimised design.

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