When is hosting important? 

Secure Website Hosting

Who hosts your website? Do you have full access so that you can make changes as you need? The answer to these questions is probably “I don’t know!”

In most cases, not knowing about your hosting is OK, but if you are considering a new website or your website goes down, then all of a sudden this becomes an really important issue. Will my website go down when I launch a new one? What will happen to my Google rankings and therefore traffic? And then, what about my emails?

At Net Visibility we realised many years ago that hosting is often a deal breaker because it potentially involves unnecessary hassle. That’s why we spoke to some very clever, nerdy people and employ them to do this all day every day.

Whether it be a straightforward WordPress environment or a complex Java environment that requires multiple servers, our team is ready and capable of hosting your website. We will house your website in a secure data centre manned 24 Hours – all day, every day. Our goal is to provide 99.9% availability. Normally this means we will run your website so that it loads web pages at the blink of an eye to multiple 25 concurrent users.

For the more techy amongst you, we will provide a UAT environment for the purposes of testing and client access to see the formation of the website as the project progresses. Following that a suitable dedicated virtual machine will be configured in a secure production hosting facilities with a dedicated IP address. The website will be deployed to a dedicated Linux server environment running in an Apache Tomcat web application connected to a MySQL database for necessary data access.  In front sits Apache web server serving visitor requests.  The server is situated behind a separate firewall only providing public access to the website.

In short, we know what we’re doing. Call our team now on 01926 732044 and they will discuss your hosting requirements with you.

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