Why is website maintenance important?

Website Maintenance

Have you thought about ongoing web maintenance? Unfortunately it’s an unnecessary evil of running a website. Firstly there will be updates to the environment (such as WordPress) and any plugins that are applied to the website. Typical plugins might be a form application, or one that helps us to write unique meta tags throughout your website. All of these are regularly updated, and someone needs to apply these to your website.

Next you need to evolve your website so that it continues to be Google friendly, but, just as importantly, continues to generate sales leads. This might include building additional functionality or linking to new pages of content that wasn’t included in the original design. For us this is normal, but to many customers it is new, because previously they have built a new website and then left it on the shelf until it breaks! As technology moves on and devices change all the time, this approach is not sustainable.

Don’t panic. Our team takes ongoing web maintenance in our stride, and will walk you through the process. In addition, our background systems and people provide real-time 24/7 system monitoring and proactive technical support. In turn, these produce email and SMS alerts to provide instant notifications to our technical team. Most of the time you won’t even notice the work we are doing in the background – the good news is we just make it work!

Call our team on 01926 732044 and we can explain how we will maintain your website all day, every day.

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